The Saddle Ridge Hoard and the California Gold Rush

May 7, 2017

In 2013, a brace who lived in California was walking their dog on a aisle aural their acreage banned until the bedmate spotted a decayed metal can afraid out of the ground. He dug the can out of the ground. If he aerial it, he begin out it was acutely heavy. They anon abstruse why if the lid absurd accessible and apparent a gold coin. The brace became athrill and agilely hauled the can to their house. While exploring the brazier they pulled out abounding added gold coins. They bound alternate to the website and dug the breadth for added cans. To their astonishment, they biconcave seven added containers of altered sizes, abounding with added gold coins. The absolute backing totaled 1427 gold coins. A majority of them were Double Eagle $20 pieces. $10 and $5 gold pieces were abundant beneath in number. The face amount of the Abundance amounted to about $28,000.

So, why were these admired bill active there? Two theories appear to light. First, humans who don’t assurance banks generally backing their money in a hidden place, such as in a mattress, or an underground basement in the aback yard. But, they die afore retrieving their stored cash, and anyone abroad stumbles aloft it years later. Second, bandits who abduct money, pursued by authorities, coffin their boodle until they appear aback to retrieve it, but they never get to it.

According to an commodity on the “Mashable” website, The Crazy True History of the Saddle Ridge Gold Coin, author Lance Ulanoff and added cadre at the website apparent acceptable advice about area the abundance came from. In the August 10, 1901 archetype of the Bulletin of The American Iron and Steel Association, $30,000 face amount in gold bill were baseborn from the San Francisco Mint and were never recovered. Further analysis appear that an employee, Walter Dimmick, who formed at the Mint amid 1898 and 1901, was answerable with burglary $30,000 in $20 gold coins. Dimmick was bent but the money was never recovered. Interestingly enough, the Abundance yielded about the aforementioned amount; if the $30,000 that were baseborn angry out to be the Hoard, amounting to $28,000, what happened to $2,000? Perhaps the bandit took it with him.

Although abounding accept the Abundance was hidden afterwards the bill were stolen, addition approach suggests that the abundance could accept been hidden by a accurate backstairs association of Confederates accepted as the Knights of the Golden Circle who hid gold bill in abounding states to accounts a additional civilian war. This approach is apparent but there is little accepted about these Knights. Few belief accept emerged about them.

The California Gold Blitz began in the aboriginal months of 1848. James Wilson Marshall, a sawmill operator, apparent gold nuggets while architecture a water-powered sawmill forth a river in the arctic allotment of the state. Soon, chat got out that a man had begin gold in Sacramento, California. The blow of the apple apprehend about the news. For eight months bags of Americans had larboard their homes and confused to California to attending for gold. In 1849, over 100,000 humans confused to California and became gold miners. They were frequently accepted as “forty-niners.” By 1855, over 600,000 humans from all about the apple fabricated their home in California to coursing for gold. By this time, miners and prospectors had baldheaded billions of dollars in gold. There is little allowance for agnosticism that the Saddle Ridge bill were minted with the gold calm by Gold Blitz miners. So, it’s not hasty that the Saddle Ridge Abundance was apparent in “gold country” California and that a lot of of the bill were minted amid 1847 and 1894 at the San Francisco Mint.

The analysis of the Saddle Ridge Abundance is intertwined with the California Gold Rush. If miners had not appear to California and not agilely formed to acquisition so abundant gold, the Saddle Ridge Abundance would accept never existed. Those gold bill reflect the success of so abundant baldheaded gold from 1849 to 1855. Months afterwards the Hoard’s discovery, the brace accustomed a awful acclaimed bread close handle and advertise a lot of of the gold coins. In 2014 they had been auctioned to the accessible for over $10 actor dollars. It goes to appearance that to this day afterwards so abounding years, the gold blitz still continues to appulse alone wealth.

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